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MCMI REPORT: A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z

Jay Z A Genius

MCMI REPORTA Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z

Where did this Jay Z documentary come from? It seemed to just pop up out of nowhere. Or is it just me? Was my head in the sand? Well, anyway, anything that says “unauthorized” gets my attention. I wanna know, what is their take on this? I mean, I know it is still subjective, but at least it is not created by the person who is the subject matter. Unlike Beyonce’s self-directed documentary, we may see and hear some things that Jay wouldn’t necessarily approve of or appreciate. And that makes for good Internet! So off we go, let the trumpets blow, but hold on because the driver of the mission is NOT Jay Z.

Jay ZFrom watching the trailer, I see that Dame and Jaz-O are interviewed. I’m sure their opinions and versions of the story differ from the official party line. But the documentary looks pretty much complimentary, aiming to show “how hip-hop’s most successful rapper of the past two decades reached the top.”

What do you guys think? Leave a comment after you’ve watched it and give us your review.

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Black Moon ‘Enta Da Stage’ 20 Years Later…. (Mini-Documentary)

black moon

Wowww … Buckshot and 5 Ft got their start as dancers and then transitioned to being MC’s? I did not know that. The album was not supposed to be called “Enta Da Stage”? There is some incredible history revealed in this Black Moon documentary, as they go back to the projects where they filmed some of their first videos. Lovers of that East Coast Boom Bap must watch this!!!

Black Moon ‘Enta Da Stage’ 20 Years Later

Black Moon ‘Enta Da Stage’ Performance + Q&A on Saturday (Online Stream)
Celebrate 20 years of Black Moon’s ‘Enta Da Stage’ album by watching their special live performance + Q&A online Saturday, Oct. 19th, at 4pm/EST, on Turntable.com

GrandMixer DXT & Baby T – Hip Hop Pioneers (TheBeeShine Interview)

GrandMixer DXT is arguably the first DJ turntablist. He was mentored by Kool Herc and is featured on Herbie Hancock’s groundbreaking single “Rockit”. He and Baby T, one of the very first female MCees, are two Hip Hop pioneers who have a lot of history to  share, telling stories about the first parties and Hip Hop performances in the 1970’s & 1980’s.

TheBeeShine.com interviewed both of them together, providing a fascinating glimpse into the adventures of another time, when baby Hip Hop was in its infancy stage. In those days, it was not about a check. It was about rocking the party, being creative and having fun. Of course, there was also a lot of violence that cast a dark shadow over the culture.

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Murda Mook vs Iron Solomon Documentary + Full Battle + Loaded Lux vs Calicoe [VIDEO]


This was one of the most anticipated battles in recent times and the outcome was not what anybody expected. Not who won or lost, but how the whole thing went down. Some say the crowd was hating on one opponent. Some people debate whether it was 5-0, 4-1, or 3-2… What’s cool is this dope Documentary that helps you get to know both MC’s before the main event, similar to what they do on HBO with boxing. This helps both artists attain a higher level for their music careers, while providing entertainment for the rest of us. After the jump, you can watch the full Iron Solomon vs Murda Mook battle and I threw in the Loaded Lux vs Calicoe battle for those who may have slept on that.

All the videos and battles in this post are presented by SMACK / URL. Thousands attended the event “Summer Madness 2”, including Diddy, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes & Lloyd Banks. Like Iron Solomon says in the documentary, “almost all of the rappers in the industry are paying attention to battle rap and they appreciate the lyricism and the balls that it takes to step in that arena.” 

Please post comments, opinions on who won, etc. and if you want to talk to us, call in on Friday between 6 and 8pm, when we will be discussing this on MCMI RADIO, as part of our weekly “MCMI WORLD BATTLE REPORT”.

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FULL BATTLES! After the jump …



No, Daniel Goldstein isn’t a rapper, but there is something very Hip Hop about being the underdog, the common man, fighting for justice against the rich and powerful. If you read my post about the independent film My Brooklyn: The Battle for the Soul of the City - or if you live in Brooklyn - then you are no stranger to the real estate wars going on right now in the County of Kings.

While they are still working on that film, here is one that is in theaters now, on the same subject, but from the point of view of Daniel Goldstein, who was the last hold out, not wanting to give up his apartment to imminent domain, to make way for the Atlantic yards Stadium Project and surrounding real estate development.

Daniel Goldstein battles in court to save his home and community from being demolished to make way for the densest real estate development in U.S. history.

The movie BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN, documents 3 years of this racially tinged struggle. Unfortunately, we already know the ending. Since the movie hit theaters, Daniel gave in and took a $3,000,000 payout to finally move out of his condo and let them bulldoze the building and continue development plans.

Battle for Brooklyn Filmmakers Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley talk with Chuck Scarborough on NBC Nightly News after the jump! (more…)