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MCMI Report: DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled dropped his ninth studio album, Major Key, yesterday, along with the single Nas Album Done ft. Nas. We’ve already been hearing “For Free” ft. Drake and “I Got The Keys” with Jay Z. What makes this latest single off the album crazy is that it is simultaneously a single off Khaled’s album and advanced marketing for Nas upcoming album. At first I was like, “Wait, is this the first single from the Nas album?” But no, it’s DJ Khaled’s record, featuring Nas, talking about his album, which is up next. Pretty slick, works for both of them.

DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

It’s a cool record. Nas is dope. I don’t gotta review it, ’cause you can hear the song for yourself, above, and form your own opinion (you will anyway, no matter what I say, right?).  I will say Nas definitely shows us his flow is up to date and he is not coming with an ode to the ’90’s. He also nicely puts some people in their place, referencing all the trends he started that others often imitate.

This basically did the job, because it has me waitin’ for the actual Nas album. Only one question. If Nas’ album done, where is it? Can we get a buzz single at least? Is you finished or is you done? … LOL, I’m just playing. But I’m sayin’!


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DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

PH Wins Magnum Live Large Project: Pronounced “NYC MVP” by Ludacris


own PH took first place in TROJAN and LUDACRIS‘ rap contest called “Magnum Live Large Project 2″, which had competitions in Detroit, San Francisco, Miami and NYC. The New York one was held at Highline Ballroom, on April 4th, 2011 and pitted 16 MCs against each other, not spittin’ battle raps like they do in GrindTime, but competing in three categories: a capella verse, freestyle off the dome and performance of an original song.

For those who don’t know, PH (formerly “Pumpkinhead”) is also a GrindTimeNow battler. PH was the GrindTime East Coast President for awhile, but passed the torch to current President Poison Pen, so that he could step in the ring a few more times. He also is a 2 time Braggin’ Rites title holder, 2 time EOW MC Challenge winner, EOW Challenge of Champions winner (he went against all the other champions and came out on top), came in 2nd in the infamous BLAZE Battle and has recently won battles in the GrindTIme and KOTD (King of the DOT) leagues, so he’s versatile and can compete in multiple formats.

Trojan’s “Magnum Live Large” Project is not an MC battle, but an “EMCEE COMPETITION”. What’s cool about it is you get to freestyle and also do one of your songs. Plus you spit accapela one round, so everyone definitely hears every word of your verse, with no beat to play a factor. Whether you’re nice off the top, can write a killer verse, or are really good at putting a song together, you get a chance to put your best foot - er, rhyme – forward. Besides MCing, there also were B-Boy , Graffiti and DJ elements and even an educational panel discussion. Check out the NYC Highlights video:

The  judges for the New York event were either MC’s or C.E.O’s of reputable Hip Hop companies, from East and West, North and South, so we had people who really knew what they were listening to. There was Opio from Souls of Mischief (Cali), Prince Po from Organized Konfusion (Queens), J-Live (Philly), Danny Castro from the Legendary Lyricist Lounge (Brooklyn), Mad Illz, who reps Florida and is one of the C.E.O.’s of GrindTime, and R.A. the Rugged Man (Long Island). 14 hungry MC’s and one singer, who jumped in the contest to get some light, performed  their hearts out in hopes of winning the money and going to Miami to perform with Ludacris. The event was hosted by local host Posion Pen (GrindTime, Stronghold), and tour hosts Othello and Rahman Jamaal.

LUDA on the mic

All PH’s rounds were strong, obviously, or he wouldn’t have been able to win, but the performance of his song “Oxygen” (video after the jump) really rocked the crowd. From the beat to the hook to the subject matter, the audience showed a lot of love. PH’s delivery and stage skills from years of touring the States and abroad, allowed him to tear down the stage effortlessly for the New York crowd.

Videos of PH’s song “Oxygen” that he performed live that night, plus his a capella round, both of which have not been previously released, after the jump!


DJ Khaled Stuntin’ On You With “Fly Kix” and “The Shoe Game”

DJ Khaled raps with G-ROC of TheShoeGame about several kicks in his sneaker collection, starting out with some late 90’s Bo Jackson Nikes in a mint box and everything, plus other goodies recently bestowed upon him as a gift, from the Atlanta store Fly Kix. He’s got some De La’s and even some ’89 Bo’s. I don’t like most of his kicks, but I respect his sneaker game and the history behind the joints, but those LAST ONES are awesome!

Let us know what you think of this small sample of Khaled’s collection…