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Serato Icon Artist Series: DJ JAZZY JEFF (VIDEO)

This is an awesome video segment on DJ JAZZY JEFF, produced by Serato Icon Artist Series, where he is able to express his total happiness with his life and his undying love for music. You also get to see some cool footage of him rocking his residency at The Palms in Las Vegas, his home studio setup and some touching moments with his wife and children, who are cute as hell.

If there’s anyone who deserves the success and happiness they’ve achieved, it’s DJ Jazzy Jeff. Jeff’s music with The Fresh Prince (Will Smith), made a tremendous impact on me when I was a little kid first listening to Hip Hop. His later music as a DJ and Producer heavilly influenced my own style as a DJ and producer, as I am sure it has countless others. When thinking of J. Dilla, Jam Master Jay and other music icons who we lost too soon, we have to make sure we celebrate our musical heroes in life. Big ups to you, DJ Jazzy Jeff and keep blessing us with beautiful music.

Click here for a transcript of the full interview, plus a collection of great DJ Jazzy Jeff photos.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & Señor Kaos “Peter Piper” (Jam Master Jay tribute)

Peter Piper Jazzy Jeff Senor Kaos Mick Boogie
My Adidas (A Tribute To Run-DMC)Got this from the homie Mazzi (S.O.U.L. Purpose). Senor Kaos is a dope new MC on the come up. Jazzy Jeff is of course the legendary producer/DJ for the Fresh Prince whose collaborations always lead to critical acclaim. This is a good look for Senor Kaos. Jazzy Jeff is of Jam Master Jay’s generation, but it’s good to see young artists like Kaos paying homage and to the late DJ/producer who produced RunDMC, Onyx, The Afros and early 50 Cent. Who knows what he would have added to Hip Hop culture in his later days had his life not been tragically cut short in an as of yet still unsolved murder.

The song is part of Mick Boogie’s tribute to Jam Master Jay “My Adidas”, sponsored by NiceKicks and MixStream. Senor Kaos supplies the flows and Jeff gives us cuts & scratches over the original Peter Piper beat produced by Jam Master Jay. HOT97’s Funk Master Flex has called this the perfect Hip Hop beat. I have to agree. I was a kid when the original jam came out and I can still listen to this beat forever. JMJ rest in peace.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Señor Kaos “Peter Piper” (Jam Master Jay tribute)

NOTORIOUS (rmx) – Jazzy Jeff & Ayah ft. Kardinall Offishall, Skillz & Shad


DJ JAZZY JEFF & AYAH (Album: Back For More) put out another version of this, this time featuring Kardinal Offishall, Skillz & Shad. The original had Freeway, Dosage and Tona on it. (Shout to Shake of 2DopeBoyz for that). Can’t say which is better. They are both dope. Enjoy!