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MCMI REPORT: DE LA SOUL – DRAWN featuring Little Dragon


De La Soul - Drawn


De La emailed me this song in advance of their upcoming release. Rather than talk about the song I’ll just let them tell it.

Hey Y’all,

Here’s another new song for you before the album “AND THE ANONYMOUS NOBODY” comes out on August 26th.  It’s called “Drawn” and it features Little Dragon.  Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon describes the song as, “a dreamy journey about not taking anything for granted in life. About love and being lost in something dangerously good.”


De La Soul

One thing I will tell you is that most of the song is a musical intro (a song in itself) from Little Dragon, before the beat finally drops at the 4 minute mark and De la starts rapping. It’s not something that would be traditionally released as a single. When you are 100% independent and in control of your art, you can do that.

To hear more off the album, take a listen and pre-order the album here!

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MCMI REPORT: A Tribe Called Quest Perform “Can I Kick It” On Fallon

A Tribe Called Quest Perform “Can I Kick It” On Jimmy Fallon

A Tribe Called Quest Perform for the first time since 2013

A Tribe Called Quest has been a troubled group for years, breaking up, then reuniting for a couple of shows in 2013, then breaking up again. But now that the on-again off-again Tribe are reissuing their classic debut album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, marking the 25th anniversary of the classic album, they have to make some appearances to promote the release. What better way to celebrate that to perform “Can I Kick It” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy is a true Hip Hop head (go look up his “History of Rap” series on Youtube if you don’t watch he show much), so it was a fitting venue for a re-union. This is their first performance as ATCQ since 2013 and their first performance together on television in 15 years (according to FADER).

A Tribe Called Quest Perform

A Tribe Called Quest Perform on Jimmy Fallon

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Phife said that it was Q-Tip who did not want the group to continue the tour.

“I don’t agree with it and we’re doing the fans a great injustice by not getting together and rocking, and that’s all I can really speak on as far as that goes.”” – Phife told Rolling Stone

I hope they can iron out whatever reasons Q-tip put a stop to their touring in 2013 (according to Phife), when they were supposed to open for Kanye West for the entire Yeezus tour. I know they have their disagreements, but I think they are such a classic group that they could sustain their own tour, headlining and adding fellow Native Tongues artists, like De La Soul, Jungle Brothers and even smaller acts such as the Bush Babies. In fact, they could call it the “Native Tongues Tour”. That would be hot! Am I onto something here or am I just fantasizing?

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New Music: Slum Village f/ De La Soul “Right Back” (Produced By J Dilla)


Slum Village will release their new album, YES!, on 6-16-2015 and will also be headed out on tour with the Soul Brother #1 (Pete Rock) for eight dates in June (tour dates are listed below).

Still riding the wave from their new smash single “Expressive” f/ BJ The Chicago Kid & Illa J, yesterday, Pitchfork premiered one of the more anticipated tracks (and another J Dilla banger), “Right Back,” featuring De La Soul from Slum Village’s forthcoming Yes! album.

Yes! features guest appearances and production from De La Soul, Jon Connor, Phife, Dilla, Black Milk, BJ The Chicago Kid, Bilal, Illa J & J Ivy. 

You can now pre-order Slum Village’s YES! At iTunes: 


Official Tracklisting & Credits for Slum Village’s YES! (after the jump)


De La Soul x NAS = God It (FREE DOWNLOAD)

De La Soul x NAS = God It


Oh man this track is siiiiiiiick! … I can’t believe they are giving this away for free. Oh, I see.

“Cause you gone’ get hooked on this verbal dope we cook, thas how it’s gone’ be, baby!”

True. One listen, you will get hooked. The beat, the music and every single verse is instantly addicting. They still “God It“, baby boy!

One of the reasons for De La Soul’s recent mega-success at connecting with fans is the personal approach they took on their recent Kickstarter campaign, which has brought in half a million dollars in support so far. So I’m just going to let them tell it.

What’s up y’all,

While busy at work, we also like to play. This song is not on the new album, but an indication of good music to come.  The song was produce by G_Force and you may recognize our featured guest. Get the song for free here.

We’re still in Atlanta, GA recording and it sounds amazing!  We can’t wait to get this new album to you. There’s only 10 days left to support our Kickstarter campaign so if you haven’t done so, please pre-ordered the album now by clicking the link below.


Thank you, we love y’all!

We Are De La Soul

De La Soul was my favorite group when they first came out. Other groups fought for my #1 spot over the years, but they became my favorite group a second time 10 years later. Now in 2015, they are my favorite group again. If you haven’t pre-ordered their new album on Kickstarter, what are you waiting for?

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De La Soul Is Back! New Album + Cool Flash Drives

De La Soul is back with a BRAND, NEW ALBUM entitled “and the Anonymous Nobody” their first studio release since “The Grind Date” in 2004! They are doing it 100% independent and they are recording in a way they never have before. They went into Vox Studio with tons of musicians – guitarists, bass players, drummers, keyboardists – all the best players, and recorded them jamming for hours. Now, they are going through listening back, looking for dope riffs, breaks, bass lines, etc. to “sample”, just like they are sampling a classic record, BUT they don’t have to pay for the sample because they own the publishing already. Brilliant!

De La Soul Heads

They are funding the project with a KickStarter campaign. They originally were trying to  reach the goal of $110, 000 but ended up with $412,000 so far and counting! Will they spend the extra loot on videos, marketing, features …?  They can pay themselves back for “what they did to the Cold Krush” for all I care, LOL! They earned it! As long as we get another amazing classic De La Soul Album, like we have grown accustomed to getting from them for so many years.

De La Thumb Drive 3De La Thumb Drive 2De La Thumb Drive 1

There are cool perks for giving to the Kickstarter, besides the album itself. The one I went for was the cool Flash Drive in the shape of the group members’ heads. I got Posdnous. You can get either of the three of them. Is’s a 1G flash drive, with the album, plus a bonus song. (Plus you can still use it as a thumb drive and make your fellow nerds jealous!) There are other great perks too, from vinyl to shirts and artwork. Go see for yourself, before May 2nd, if you want to claim one of the cool perks they are offering, before it’s too late.

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