U.G. (of Cella Dwellas) – The Mystic (1st Leak off Solo LP, Portals) (VIDEO)

EDIT: The video just dropped! Check it out! – @GMS_MCMI

U.G. (of Cella Dwellas) – The Mystic (1st Leak off Solo LP, Portals)

U.G. - The Mystic (1st Leak off Solo LP, Portals)

From U.G. (of Cella Dwellas fame), comes the first leak off the long awaited Portals. “The Mystic” comes with an eerie, but head-nodding beat from IDE. The flow is classic UG. Tales of magic, planet draining powers, thrones, and fractured bones from blows thrown, will all please longtime fans, with the powerful voice and sick delivery of a veteran – simply put, UG’s ill. Still! And like he says in the hook “sounds like nothin’ else you’ve ever heard”.

The Brooklyn spitter, no stranger to underground cyphers and hostile competition, pulls no punches and attacks with the aggression of a battle MC.

“Listen/ I bang my chest like a bongo/ Congo/ Push rocks like Rondo/ Arms throw/ Combos/ F*ck up your whole ensemble.”

U.G. - The Mystic (1st Leak off Solo LP, Portals)

After several delays, Portals, which includes guest features from the likes of Celph Titled, Mista Sinista, Life Long, Necro and more, is here, ready for Pre-order on iTunes. You get “The Mystic” immediately upon pre-order. The full album hits all major digital retailers and streaming outlets on October 21, via Creative Juices Music.

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U.G. (of Cella Dwellas) – The Mystic (1st Leak off Solo LP, Portals)

SWAVE SEVAH: Radio Interview and Album Release Party

swave sevah

Swave Sevah has made a name for himself battling MC’s Dizaster, Head Ice, Shotgun Shug to name a few (search “Swave Sevah vs” on youtube) and touring with J-Live, Poison Pen and Immortal Technique. This past Friday on MCMI RADIO, we got an exclusive preview of some Swave Sevah songs off his album “Son of a One Armed Man”, set to drop in 3 days on Creative Juices Music. Everything on the album, even the title “Son of a One Armed Man”, is inspired by real life (Swave’s dad actually had one arm since a childhood accident and yet overcame that, to become a champion martial artist) and features veteran spitters Killer Mike, Sean Price, Poison Pen, Marv Won, Ike P, Chordz Cordero and others.

Besides making music and winning MC battles, the Harlem native is known to have a mean knuckle game. The conversation heated up as we talked about the right to “shoot the fair one”, Washington State’s “Mutual Fight Agreement” law and what happened to someone who posted a disrespectful sexual reference under a picture of Swave’s daughter on Facebook. I know, Facebook beef is corny, but you wont believe what this guy had the nerve to say about his daughter. This one might be the exception to the rule.

To find out how the story ended, and hear exclusive tracks before the album drops, listen to MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk.

swave album coverALBUM RELEASE: March 8th at PUBLIC ASEMBLY. Click for Flyer.

PURCHASE: SON OF A ONE ARMED MAN physical CD with autographed Sticker.

Digital copy available on iTunes.




Destruments: Free Form – Nems x I Am Many x CF x Swave Seveah

This first single from the albumSurpassing All Others“, featuring East Coast allstars Nems, I Am Many, CF, Swave Sevah, is called “Free Form”. These guys all go in and have very different styles. It’s hard for me to say who ripped it more. Okay, I admit it – it’s really that they are all personal friends of mine, so I ain’t saying! (Haha) But you can, in the comments below!

Produced by Hi-Fi Netwerk

If you like the single, go to iTunes and get the album, out on Creative Juices Music.  The album features appearances from heavy hitters from the East, West, North and South, including Killah Priest, Jise (Arsonists), Quite Nyce, Swave Sevah, IDE, Alucard, Nems, The Day Laborers, Has-Lo, CF, Respect the God, Othello, Ammbush , Tron 7 & Jermiside.
Free Form: Ft. Nems, I Am Many, CF & Swave Sevah


01.) You Better Know
02.) You Got It (feat. Day Laborers)
03.) Deadly Fang (feat. Alucard, Ide & Killah Priest)
04.) The ZeeOheNeE (feat. Othello)
05.) Got Love (feat. Tron 7 Seize & T Truth)
06.) Skin Deep
07.) That Fire (feat. CF)
08.) Nightwatchin (feat. Need Not Worry)
09.) Fly Away (feat. Respect Tha God & Sweet T)
10.) Transworld Express (feat. Jise)
11.) And Beyond…
12.) The Set Up (feat. Ide)
13.) Another Caliber (feat. Has-Lo)
14.) Forever Mine (feat. Quite Nyce)
15.) Reflection (feat. Ammbush)
16.) Last Sunset
17.) Free Form (feat. Nems, I Am Many, CF & Swave Sevah)



Nems-What It Do (Official Video) Prezidents day

Nems Guttah

MCMI affiliate FYL general Nems Guttah drops the official video of his song “What It Do” off his debut album Prezidents Day on Creative Juices Music. The song is tough, with production by Al’Tarba. The video was filmed and edited by Block Alliance Films. It’s filled with dope images of Coney Island, which Nems reps heavy on every song or guest appearance. The video is well shot and edited. Although barbershop scenes and MC’s rhymin’ in front of the projects are sort of obligatory, the  visuals of the Ferris all lit up wheel lit up at night behind Nems and the shots of the Cyclone and other parts of Astroland are really original and eye catching. The combination of daytime and night time shots are held together by the use of reverse negative effects and the shot of Nems in his album cover art, rhyming. Props on the video.

Nems-What It Do(official video)
Produced By Al’Tarba
Prezident’s day(album)
Video filmed and edited by Block Alliance Films
Block alliance tv
Facebook: Nems Guttah



Nems tattoo armsThis song has mad heart. We’ve all been there, made mistakes, realized we kinda screwed up. But at the same time, live and learn, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Sounds like ya boy Nems is growing up. 24 years old with wisdom beyond that. A lot of people don’t reach that self-analysis stage until they are 34, or 44 or .. never.

Third verse is my favorite:

Def Jam wanted to sign us, SHADY wanted my story,
But my reputation entered the room right before me,
True story, the drugs had me empty,
When I’m focused though, no man can stand against me,

But the Devil had me fooled, thinkin that I need something to perform,
When I don’t need NUTHIN’ to get on,
Ecstasy diet was the quiet before the storm,
Pocket fulla drugs required to do a song…

I did it all night long and slept the day away,
Woke up when it was dark out and couldn’t stay awake
I had to change, couldn’t take it any longer,
It didn’t kill me, so I guess it made me stronger”

The beginning is a freestyle a capela. The actual song starts at 0:56. Video edited & directed by: H.VIEW. Not sure who did the beat or who’s singing, but its dope and really sets the mood for what Nems is building on.

Shout out to Creative Juices Music. They have a lot of talent on their roster. Go check them out.