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DJ GMS: The LOVE IS Mixtape (Stream + Download)


Last year MCMI Records dropped the HYDRA song “Love Is …” right before Valentine’s Day. The song “Love Is …”, produced by Keith “WildChild” Middleton, is a celebration of the Love of Hip Hop and a challenge to any rappers who do this for the money, without a true Love for the art.

Now in 2014, on Valentine’s Day, we present yo you … “The LOVE IS Mixtape”, mixed by DJ GMS, with a special intro from LR Blitzkrieg and testimonials from Masta Ace, Torae, Sha Stimuli, PackFM, Substantial, Chordz Cordero, Rich Medina, DP One, WildChild and many more, talking about what Hip Hop means to them.

GMS DJ picThis 80 minute continuous blend of amazing music is a tribute to all the Hip Hop songs that celebrate Love of music, Love of the culture, Love of being in the studio, and Love of making something special for the people!

There are so many great artists on this CD, from The ROOTS, to SLUM VILLAGE, TORAE, MASTA ACE, BUSTA RHYMES, COMMON, MOS DEF, NAS, SCARFACE, ATCQ, ERYKAH BADU, SOUL PURPOSE, PHAROAHE MONCH, SNOOP, Dr. DRE, DE LA SOUL …  the list goes on and on. And of course, HYDRA!

So the next time you are in the mood for some “Love & Hip Hop”, put down the TV remote and put on “The LOVE IS Mixtape” – absolutely, 100% FREE!!! If you want to support, show your Love by coming to an event, copping a Tee or Sweatshirt off MCMIapparel.com, or other music on MCMI Records.

The Love Is Mixtape Back Cover

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Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap (Trailer)

tech n ice

Back in the days when i was a teenager… myself and GMS (MCMI co-owners) met Kevin Fitzgerald aka DJ Organic in central park at a summer stage concert. He was traveling around filming what would later become the critically acclaimed Documentary “Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme” We introduced him to the MC’s we knew, took him to the events we threw and frequented, helped plug him in to the new york Hip Hop scene and even made cameos along with PackFM, Mr.Mecc, Substantial & PH – our fellow crew members from “The Plague” Flash Forward over a decade and a new documentary with the same great feel, love (and many of the same artist) directed by Ice-T is about to hit the big screen….

Ice-T takes us on an intimate journey into the heart and soul of hip-hop with the legends of rap music. This performance documentary goes beyond the stardom and the bling to explore what goes on inside the minds, and erupts from the lips, of the grandmasters of rap. Recognized as the godfather of Gangsta rap, Ice-T is granted unparalleled access to the personal lives of the masters of this artform that he credits for saving his life. Interspersed with the performers’ insightful, touching, and often funny revelations are classic raps, freestyle rhymes, and never before heard a cappellas straight from the mouths of the creators. What emerges is a better understanding of, and a tribute to, an original American art form that brought poetry to a new generation.

Be sure to watch Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme in Full HERE

Shout out to my brother Keith “Wild Child” Middleton for the assist!  

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I USED TO LOVE H.E.R. – MCMI Apparel (sale!)

Inspired by the Common Sense classic “I used to love H.E.R.”  MCMI Apparel has produced a new design available in multiple colors and styles. Inscribed with the name of the song it spells out what “H.E.R.” actually stands for (bet you didn’t know!) This specific design is on sale this week for valentines day. Buy one for you, your valentine or just for your love of Good Hip Hop!

Pick yours up at the MCMI Apparel online shop!


Common Interview: Power 105’s Breakfast Club

Common The Dreamer, The Believer

Warning! This interview is mad candid (definitely “Rated R”). Common tells some stories from his memoir “One Day It Will All Make Sense“, like one about his father kidnapping him and his mom at gun point when his mother wouldn’t agree to go with him to a basketball tryout. Or about how he was fingerin’ girls and trying oral sex before losing his actual virginity. Or as Common puts it, “real things that we go through, man … I’m just adventurous”.

But Common also talks about his early music makin’ days, how he got his name “Sense”, from the slang term for weed, working with producer No I.D. and his upcoming collab album with Nas, Nas Dot Com (or Nas.Com, I’ve seen it written both ways). The behind the scenes of the whole Ice Cube feud and other juicy tidbits of information are in the book as well. Sounds like a must read.

But my favorite question they asked Common was

“Is it hard to still love H.E.R? Cause you do all the Hollywood movies, and those checks are better. Is it hard to still have a love for H.E.R.?”

Listen to the interview for his answer.

Pick up Common’s 9th LP (!), The Dreamer, The Believer, in stores now.

Common – “Raw (How You Like It)” Live A cappella

Shout out to Mazzi of Soul Purpose for sending this our way. Check out NYCLOUT.com for coverage and listings of NYC events.

Common “The Dreamer The Believer” Album Listening at Catch NYC
the cd kept skipping so just like a real MC does, Common performs his new song “Raw” w/ 2 Acapella verses LIVE! Go Support the new album coming out Dec 20th

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