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[MUSIC VIDEO] Bop Alloy – Chillaxation


For those that don’t know, Bop Alloy is a musical collaboration between producer Marcus D and MC Substantial. They recently created an album The R & R (Remixes & Revisions), which is in stores now. The pair dropped their debut album Substantial & Marcus D are Bop Alloy, on a Japanese label and are now using this remix album to take it to the rest of the world.

The R & R, features remixes of many of the songs from their debut album. It features remixes by veteran producers, Funky DL, K-Murdock (of Panacea), & Joe.D, while also including remixes from up & coming producers such as LASTorder, Bolo, J-zen and Substantial himself. Guest appearances include: yU (of Diamond District), Gods’Illa, Wordsmith, Kokayi, Steph the Sapphic Songstress, Javier Starks, Justis, Nate Vibez, & Peter Lee Johnson.

After recently touring Japan and Taiwan to promote the album and satisfy their Japanese fans, Bop Alloy dropped this music video produced by a talented crew of professionals known as Altrac Productions. Check the credits below the video.

You can find the original album, the R & R version and the Instrumentals at bopalloy.bandcamp.com

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Bop Alloy – Chillaxation

Altrac Productions
Director: Arch Stanton | Director of Photography: Sawyer Purman |Editor: Ben Anderson | Producer: Ryan Legallet | Gaffer: Brett Drolet | Assistant Cameraman: Joesph Weiler | Special Thanks to Nick Stevens for the Crane

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Bop Alloy: Chillaxation Video Screen Caps (Sneak Peak)

Bop Alloy

Here is a sneak peak at screen captures from the official Bop Alloy: Chillaxation music video, produced & directed by Altrac Productions. Bop Alloy is a collaboration between Producer Marcus D and MC Substantial (QN5 Music). The music was originally a side project produced exclusively for a label in Japan, but the project is so dope, people have embraced it all over the world as well as here in the United States.

Although we hadn’t determined the title or theme of our soon to be release project, The R & R, at the time Chillaxation was filmed, it fits in well with the ocean theme and overall feel of it. I guess it was meant to be! The Chillaxation music video will be released during the first week of 2012.

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