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MCMI Report: Yasiin Bey – “NO Colonial Fiction” (New Song) + Comments on ISIS

MCMI Report Yasiin Bey NO Colonial Fiction – Comments on ISIS attacks in Paris

MCMI Report Yasiin Bey NO Colonial Fiction

MCMI Report Yasiin Bey NO Colonial Fiction

MCMI Report Yasiin Bey NO Colonial Fiction – Spotted this on OkayPlayer. Apparently, hours after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, which are being attributed to ISIS, Yasiin Bey (previously known as Mos Def), did an interview on a radio show called  Ferrari Sheppard‘s A Country Called Earth Acce Sessions. In the interview, Yasiin commented on the Paris ISIS attacks, giving a big “F*CK Off” to ISIS, saying that they don’t represent Islam. He also directed his choice words to “to everybody trying to say ‘see, this is Islam’s fault.‘” Yasiin then goes on to explain,

“The problem is not Islam [or] organized religion. The problem is people’s lack of compassion and caring for themselves and their fellow human beings. “

In the interview, which took place while he was in Germany, Yasiin said,

“Love must and will prevail, I don’t care how corny it sounds,”

and compared the attack to the Tamir Rice shooting and other events of injustice and murder of innocent people.

Yasiin also dropped an unreleased song, NO Colonial Fiction. I don’t know if this is for a specific project, or if it is just a song he had not released before, but he probably knew it would bring attention to his comments. I am a fan, so any new material is always welcome. Let me know what you think of the track, as well as Yasiin’s comments, in the comments section below. Is he on point or off track?

Here is the full interview, from: A Country Called Earth

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Wordsworth – The Photo Album x Coloring Book (video)

Once again back is the incredible, rhyme animal, the incredible … Wordsworth! The Brooklyn bred MC brings us his first solo project in quite some time, “The Photo Album” and I can say it was worth the wait. The Photo album gives you that golden age 90’s feel, without sounding dated. A hefty 18 tracks long, all filled with amazing production, clever lyrics, and deep introspective songs, Wordsworth reminds the public what made him a mainstay back when he was rocking tracks on A Tribe Called Quest and BlackStar’s albums.

Check out the first video “Coloring Book” featuring Meleni Smith below then go buy the album. Support God Hip Hop!

Wordsworth will be talking with us live on MCMIradio this Friday (June 21st) Tune in and listen! Press play below to listen to the archived show.

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BUY “THE PHOTO ALBUM” here on iTunes(Digital) and UGHH(Physical)

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Black Star – You already knew + Fix up (audio)

Black star

Talib Kweli & Yasiin Bey aka Black Star hit us with the super hot buy 1 get one free deal on Black Friday! Via their new tumbler “Black Star Hub” they dropped The new single “Fix up” and “You already knew” off their “Black Star Aretha” tribute mixtape. If you’re a Black Star fan (pfft, of course you are!) 2012 is gonna be a good year for you!

FIX UP available at iTUNES

Click to watch Black Star perform “Fix Up” on The Colbert Report

Black Star – “Fix Up” prod. by Madlib

Black Star Fix Up cover

This is the song they performed on The Colbert Report. If you thought he was joking, nope, Mos Def has changed his name to Yaslin Bey, word to Cassius Clay. The song dropped today (Black Friday) on iTunes. You can listen for free, then support the duo from Brooklyn. This is leading up to a full Black Star album, something the fans have been waiting on for years.

Talib Kweli at Occupy Wall Street Protests

talib kweli

The solo artist, Black Star and Reflection Eturnal member Talib Kweli recently attended the Occupy Wall Street protest, speaking on the mic at Liberty Plaza in manhattan, to the large crows of demonstrators. He started by saying “I’m at a loss for words,” but then did find the words in which he said that the protestors have done their part and that “This is the end game,” and “this is the point.” He said that now it is up to us (those watching online, on tv, etc.) to share the news stories, footage and the message throughout the world, so that the movement will grow. Talib told the crowd of protestors, some of whom are sleeping outside in sleeping bags, “you inspire us”.

If you are also inspired by what these dedicated citizens have started, “make it grow”, by sharing this post, retweeting it, talking about it and spreading the word.

Kweli led the crowd in a chant, lending emphasis to his statements as each line was repeated by those in attendance. He also performed his verses from Black Star song “Thieves In The Night” and a verse about the protest, acapela. Here is footage of his speech.

Talib Kweli at Occupy Wall Street from Eddie Pages on Vimeo.