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MCMI REPORT: CHORDZ CORDERO – A Day With My Favorite Producers

MCMI REPORT: CHORDZ CORDERO – A Day With My Favorite Producers

Chordz Cordero original lyrics over instrumentals by his favorite producers

MCMI REPORT: CHORDZ CORDERO - A Day With My Favorite Producers (Soultape)

Intaphaze/MCMI Records’ Chordz Cordero finally returns with his new solo project, “CHORDZ CORDERO – A Day With My Favorite Producers (Soultape)”. The songs were recorded in between albums, as a way to keep the creative juices flowing. Now it is available for free (or optional donation) on Bandcamp.

MCMI REPORT: CHORDZ CORDERO - A Day With My Favorite Producers (Soultape)I decided to release it now, to show love to all who have supported my official group album with Sir Manley, The HighBred and all my projects over the years. This gives fans some more music to listen to while I am working on a solo album and some more group projects, coming soon. – Chordz Cordero

Born out of his passion for Hip Hop & Soul, this “Soultape” explores Chordz’ many thoughts and emotions on his journey through life! “A Day With My Favorite Producers” was completely recorded and mixed by Chordz himself in his basement studio. It’s straight up Soul, unpolished and raw! Even so, he did do a video for one song, produced by Black Milk, called Street Life. The video was shot and edited by Chordz brother J’Mel Lu, who has been building his directorial resume with videos from King Jerz, V2, Rell Peso and of course, his brother Chordz, who co-directs some of the videos as well.

You can stream or download the rest of Chordz’ homage to his favorite producers from Bandcamp and if you missed The HighBred LP dropped last year, it is available as a CD and digital download as well. And don’t forget to check out the last HighBred video, 3rd Stone Blues ft PH aka Pumpkinhead, here. #ripPH

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MCMI REPORT: CHORDZ CORDERO – A Day With My Favorite Producers

Bishop Lamont – P.G.D.R (Phat Gold Dookie Rope) f. Black Milk & MrMecc

Phat Gold Dookie Rope

Bishop teams up with his CalTroit partner Black Milk and MCMI’s own MrMecc (formerly “Mecca”) for this track off his upcoming project “The Layover” due out in September.
P.G.D.R – Phat Gold Dookie Rope (feat. Black Milk & Mecca) by BISHOP LAMONT (OFFICIAL)

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Chordz Cordero: “Street Life” (Prod. Black Milk) [Video]

Chordz Cordero drops some visuals for his single “Street Life” off his mixtape “A Day With My Favorite Producers” …coming soon!!! Much more to look out for from this talented artist… Just a little somethin to hold y’all over until then!!! ENJOY!!!!

Video directed by: J’Mel Lu (Intaphaze Records)
(Prod. Black Milk [from the “Black & Brown” EP’s “Dada”])

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Slum Village – Dirty Slums (Mixtape)

SV Detroit’s finest are back ( minus Elzhi 🙁  ) with a new mix tape fresh off their “Dirty Slums” mini tour. Hosted by Mick Boogie this mixtape has features by De La Soul, Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte, Phife, Big Sean, Black Milk and more.

Download it now! here or here

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Black Milk & Melanie Rutherford – Simply Having

Black Milk hits us with a little holiday cheer accompanied by Melanie Rutherford on vocals. Props to Paul McCartney for creating the  classic song “Wonderful Christmastime” back in 1979. You know its hot when DeLaSoul and Black Milk sample it a decade apart!  (On another note… why does Lucy have her own pair of the new J’s while Linus and Charlie seem to be sharing a pair?? guess they only had time to steal 2 pair from the smash and grab at that mall huh?)

Happy Holidays from MCMI Inc!