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SCENARIO: Busta Rhymes, L.O.N.S & ATCQ @ Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest

It almost didn’t happen. Due to a late start, Busta Rhymes set at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival #8 was being rushed. Buss kept doing intros and snippets of songs, teasing us and then saying “I got a lot of songs and only a little bit of time…”. He brought up Smif N Wesson. He brought up Buckshot. He brought out Slick Rick, who rocked the mic and a whole lot of gold jewelry. Reek Da Villain got his shine. Busta even did “Ante Up” with Lil Fame of M.O.P. It was past 8pm and that was when the event was supposed to end. But wait … where’s L.O.N.S?? I mean, Busta had tweeted pics of him, Charlie Brown and Dinco D chillin’ in the studio just days before the concert. That definitely was a sign that maybe something was gonna happen.

A familiar story in Hip Hop (or concerts in general). The show gets delayed, goes late, the artists and fans want more time and the venue wants to shut it down. I have seen this play out several different ways, none of them pleasant. Busta called for help from event founder, Brooklyn Bodega’s Wes Jackson, asking him to please handle that. And then …

“Where’s my two brothers at? … Whoa whoa whoa – WHERE’s my two brothers at? … My whole shit started with these two dudes right here.”

Leaders of the New School proceeded to tear down the stage with “Case of the P.T.A”, their classic first hit single, while a soundman can be heard muttering “3 minutes” in the background. After that performance 3 minutes is up, but history will not be denied. The beat to SCENARIO comes on, L.O.N.S start jumping and 2,000 people in Pier 3 jump up and down frantically, in crazed jubilation and proceed to recite every lyric along with their Leaders. Soundman did NOT want to shut it down right about now. And he didn’t even know what was about to happen… Phife & Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest hit the stage to create the first full performance of Scenario with all members on the song in 19 years! I’ll let the video tell you the rest …

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P.T.A: Busta Rhymes + L.O.N.S (Reunion) @ BKHHF

Shout out to BrooklynBodega for another great Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this year. BKHHF #8 was a smashing success all week and the grand finale on Saturday at Pier 3 in Brooklyn was phenomenal. We had an MCMI Booth, so we were technically working, but at the same time we are huge Busta Rhymes fans who grew up listening to Leaders of the New School and watched Busta’s solo career blossom after that. GMS & PackFM @ BKHHF 2012There were about 2,000 fans in front of the stage (from the video it could be at a backyard barbeque, cause it’s so close up), hands in the air the entire time L.O.N.S was onstage. I mean, Busta was ripping his solo material as you would expect him to. Bucktown crowd favorites Smif N Wesson and Buckshot did How Many MC’s and Sound Boy Burial to the people’s delight. Lil Fame of M.O.P also brought mad energy to the stage when they performed the classic Ante Up and Ante Up Remix. Those are hometown heros. Reek Da Villain did his thing as well. Everyone went wild when Busta brought out the man who “started all this type of pimpin'” (referring to the Fort Knox amount of gold he had around his neck), the legendary Slick Rick (who came out with more gold on that Busta). I’m going to post those performances later. But when Charlie Brown and Dinco D  hit the stage and rocked that was truly incredible.

“This is the first time in 19 years … me and Dinco … me and C Boogie Brown … my whole shit started with these two dudes right here. We wrote every song that y’all fell in love with us for in Brown’s crib adn Dinco’s crib…”

You can hear on the video that the person in charge of the venue and the stage is trying to shut the show down. Hear him saying “3 minutes … 3 minutes“? Busta warned him “Don’t violate …”

After they rocked P.T.A, they did Scenario (click for video) in entirety, with ATCQ (including Pfife), which clearly went over 3 minutes (the show was already 20 minutes overtime). Finally the soundcrew faded Busta’s mic when he tried to squeeze in an extra couple of joints after that. Even once his mic was off, he did the “Arab Money” dance while the crowd sang the lyrics. But it didn’t matter. The main event – Leaders of the New School reunion – had taken place, and we were all there to witness a moment in Hip Hop history.

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If you were at last years festival, you know that it was hosted and headlined by Q-Tip & Friends … well, those friends happened to include an incredible line up of talent, such as M.O.P., Busta, Kanye West, Black Thought, Kendrick Lamar, Homeboy Sandman and more. All of the performances were amazing, but there were a couple of moments when the crowd just lost it and everything seemed surreal, like we were a part of history (we were). One of those moments was when Busta Rhymes came onstage at the last moment in Q-Tip’s performance of ATCQ’s “Scenario”, right when his verse is supposed to come in, at “Yo Mr. Busta Rhymes, tell ’em what I did”. Bussa Buss came out with “I heard you rushed and rushed, on attack” on cue and it was pandemonium! Tip was up there doing all parts of the song himself, and Busta’s presence on the scene was kept unknown, so us in the audience figured he was just doing the whole song himself. We secretly lamented that Buss wasn’t on hand to at least do his incredible show stealing verse at the end of the song. So when he jumped onstage to our surprise, it raised the energy of the entire show.

The other moment of pure pandemonium was when Kanye West came out helping Kamal the Abstract with “Award Tour” before thrilling us with “Dark Fantasy” and “All of the Lights”. That was even more unexpected and after that everything seemed surreal.

What amazing “friends” will Busta bring out this year? We don’t know, but we will be there to witness history again, this time from our MCMI Booth. Come find us and say whattup! At any given time you may find GMS, LR Blitzkrieg, PH, PackFM or MrMecc at the booth, signing merch, interviewing people for our Blog and Radio Show or spittin’ freestyles and verses off of FMV4 & Know The Ledge. Mics and cameras will be on hand. You never know what may happen.

More Info: http://www.bkhiphopfestival.com/2011/
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