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Rant Wars ft. Funk Flex, Jay Z, Hannibal Buress

Burress Flex Jay Z

Rant Wars ft. Funk Flex, Jay Z, Hannibal Buress


In the past few days NY DJ and radio personality FUNKMASTER FLEX (HOT97) took to the airwaves twice to rant about a personal beef with Jay Z, airing out some past bitterness (Flex is mad because he feels Jay Z grilled him about his App a couple years ago and then turned around and used that info for his own App) and a few cases of being asked by club 40/40 manager NOT to play Dipset music when he DJ’s there (because of a long running feud between Dipset and Hov). Media hopped on the first rant for obvious reasons (#1 NY Radio DJ takes on #1 NY rapper = #’s). The rant was annoying however, because as much as we do really want to know what the beef is and love celebrities airing out their laundry in public, Flex didn’t really cover much ground and spent about 8 minutes pressing the “bomb” button, which is his trademark sound effect.

Jay’s response was to not say anything publicly about the rant and to instead have news leaked that he was in talks to buy HOT97! Okay, it’s a group of investors, including Jay, but that’s the same thing that happened with the Barclay’s  deal.


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Flex then dropped a second rant, again with the bombs every three words, this time talking about a text Hov apparently sent him, using capital letters for “HOV” which Flex found disrespectful, Jay trying to “son” him.


Apparently, comedian Hannibal Buress has had enough and has dropped his own rant against Funk Flex’s rant against Jay Z and hilarity ensued. The comedian is mocking the DJ’s over use of the bomb sound effect as much as anything he is actually talking about. I have been to Hannibal Buress’ shows, listened to him on satellite radio and he is one of the funniest new comedians out!  As a DJ, Flex can really put a hurting on most music artists careers, but Hannibal doesn’t sing and Flex is not really in the world of comedy, so I think he’s safe. I wonder if Flex will go on a rant about Hannibal tomorrow?

If you haven’t heard Hannibal Buress’ comedy, check out his website: hannibalburess.com.

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Pusha T – Exodus 23:1 (Official Video)

This video is like a fatal accident on the side of the highway. It’s deep, dark, and filled with sadness –  and you can’t look away! I was riveted by the videos produced by Malice (now known as “No Malice”), when he was promoting the book about his revelation and spiritual awakening. This one has that same raw imagery, cast of smoke, streets, guns, crackheads and killers. Both Clipse members use stunning visuals that comliment the music and tell more of the story. Props to Samuel Rogers & Mike Carson, who shot and edited this.

The song is infectious, because it touches something real in your heart. That’s hook “Them n!gg@s ain’t dyin’ for you” is more than catchy, it embeds into your subconscious. I’m not taking sides in Pusha T and Lil Wayne’s beef – that’s their personal struggle, has nothing to do with me – but I will be entertained if they go at each other on wax. This is certainly not a “2nd Round Knock Out” or “SuperUgly” type of record. This is Pusha T’s call out. Let’s see if – and how – Wayne responds. And then let the games begin ,,,

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