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KRS-One – “Just Like That” (Video) prod. by Mad Lion

krs one
The Teacha is back! With a brand new song and video. The beat is dope! Lyrically, Kris is on point. This is an entertaining look at a slice of Hip Hop’s history as KRS ONE talks about his first wanting to rap, as a boy in 1981. On his trip down memory lane, the Blastmaster brings us up to about 1991, but this is not really an “I Remember …” kind of song. It is literally a lesson. Be you, speak into the air, and you will achieve your dreams. Russell Simons couldn’t have said it better.  And the subway shots with all KRS’ albums, BDP and solo, as the movie posters on the wall, is such a genius idea. Props to Mad Lion, who directed the video.

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The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique

I met Immortal Technique years ago shortly after he got out of jail and threw himself into the battle game with a fury like no other. Technique’s battle’s are legendary. Sorry, Youtube-ing them now wont do it justice. You had to be there. But that was just the opening act. Tech had some important stuff to say and he was going to use his dominance on the mic to get those messages heard. Over the years I have seen him develop his ideas, musically, lyrically, politically and socially.  I always respected him for that.

You see, when I was a boy, listening to groups like Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers and BDP taught me something about Hip Hop that I hadn’t realized before those groups came along: you don’t have to say things in a rhyme because they sound cool and just go where the rhyme takes you. You can say what’s on your mind – even have an agenda – a MAKE the rhyme sound cool. Words submit to your will. It’s up to you to make them do what you want, say what you want. Immortal Technique is one of THOSE type of rappers (sorry, MC’s). He is not trying to be “fly”. He is trying to bring knowledge to light, wake people up and inspire them to make changes in their lives and in the world.

To that end, Technique also put his money where his mouth is, when he traveled to Afghanistan and helped build an orphanage/school, for needy children. This is not a millionaire movie star or Platinum selling artist (yet), who writes a check like its nothing and goes about his day. This is a 100% independent artist, who makes his money touring and selling his CD’s (VIPER RECORDS).

Read more and hear Immortal Technique’s speech “We Can’t Back Down Now”, after the jump! (more…)