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Bad Meets Evil – Lighters ft. Bruno Mars (Video)

Bad Meets Evil

This video just in from Interscope, from the album Bad Meets Evil: Hell the Sequel. Royce & Em get busy on this song, so I’m expecting the video to be crazy as well. So far I have liked all the previous videos from Eminem, Em & Royce and the Slaughterhouse videos. Come to think of it Bruno’s videos are dope as well. All that = winning, for this trio.

Bad Meets Evil – FAST LANE Official Video (Eminem & Royce Da 5’9)

Eminem and RoyceBad Meets Evil – FAST LANE Official Video (Eminem & Royce Da 5’9)

The song is bananas, period. Thanks to Em’s status and position of power in the game, it gets heavy rotation on XM and New York FM radio. I don’t know about other regions, somebody let me know. Anyway, the video is done with graphics emphasizing the words which is dope because I’m all about lyrics and I think Eminem and Slaughterhouse‘ (who get a cameo at the end) branding is all about the lyrics too. So I’m glad the video put even more emphasis on that, just basically too fo the nicest spitters in the game right now doing what they do, cause to me that’s where Hip Hop is headed back to right now. It took a little detour away from that since the Golden era, but as we say at MCMI: a better era starts now!
Fast Lane Video

Download the song FAST LANE:

Bad meets Evil cover art

Now the last few tracks I’ve heard these two on together: “echo”,”living proof”,”2.0 boys” and the buzz single “fastlane” I’m gonna have to say Royce got the better of Em on all four tracks. Lets hope he steps up his “MC” skills on this one and gives us the insane back and fourth flows we all know he’s capable of! This album could be incredible and a big step in bringing lyricism back to the forefront.