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MURS, “WHAT UP THO” prod. by 9th Wonder [VIDEO]

Foooood fiiiight!! LOL! I challenge you to watch it without cracking as Murs gets splattered with food. The track is New York boom bap. The video is straight clowning as Murs smacks people in the face with spoons of mashed potatoes!

Purchase The Final Adventure at http://smarturl.it/TheFinalAdventure
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9th Wonder – The Making of Jay Z’s “Threat” (DECODED)

When Grammy-winning hip-hop icon 9th Wonder was first told to come by the studio and play beats for Jay Z’s “The Black Album”, it changed his life forever. September 20th, 2003 will forever etched into his memory. Not only did Jay use 9th Wonder on his album, he even mentioned his name in the verse. Listen to 9th tell this amazing story, while breaking down how he chopped and looped the sample (R. Kelly’s “Woman’s Threat”) and created the beat.

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GQ – THE TOWN (Video)

Ok. so what’s going on here? who’s been putting super juice in the west coast water? not to say that the west hasn’t always been dope, its just a much more east coast feel to allot of what has been coming out as of late. Case in point: Oakland MC GQ’s “the Town” produced by label boss 9th Wonder.

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9th Wonder and Buckshot: “The Solution” Cover + “The Change Up” Music Video

Buckshot & 9th WonderNew music from 9th Wonder & Buckshot’s third album, ‘The Solution,’ available Nov. 13th on Jamla/Duck Down Music

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Skyzoo – JanSport Strings x Theo VS. J.J. (video x mixtape)

Skyzoo Jansport strings Now…as much as I like this song, I can honestly say that I NEVER wanted to be Chi-Ali. maaaybe when..nope. never. “JanSport Strings” Produced by 9th Wonder is the Lead single off Skyzoo‘s upcoming album ‘A Dream Deferred‘ out Oct. 2nd on The Faculty/Duck Down Music Inc.

Check for his new mixtape ‘Theo VS. J.J. (Dreams vs. Reality)‘ after the jump.
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