Freestyle Rap Saved My Life – Kosha Dillz Does ‘TED TALK’ (TEDx)

Freestyle Rap Saved My Life – Kosha Dillz TEDX TALK

Freestyle Rap Saved My Life - Kosha Dillz

Freestyle Rap Saved My Life – Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz shares his adventures with TEDxKazimierz about how Freestyle Rap has transformed his life from where he was with drug addiction and stints in prison to a performance artist. Stories from Matisyahu to RZA to the BET Awards to making $50,000 outside the Grammy’s while rapping on the street … It is all in this miraculous TEDX TALK.

According to the self-proclaimed “#1 Rapper in Korea Town”

Believe it or not … a life plagued with drugs , addictions, anxiety, depression, and email happiness led to a career in rap that started from me freestyling. People say it is my most powerful asset in my shows, and it really catapulted me to be quite honest. Even when I live my life before I speak to a cashier at Ralph’s or see a pretty girl on the beach, I always have to come up with something quick to say, and that is a “FREESTYLE.”

A 34 year old New Jersey artist born to Israeli parents, Rami Even-Esh has landed himself in rap battles, jail cells, rehabs, video games, Super Bowl commercials and world tours for millions of people. He came up with the name Kosha Dillz to keep his Jewishness alive when he felt his life had gone astray. (You will hear more about it in the TedX Talk).

Freestyle Rap Saved My Life - Kosha Dillz

In the last few years Kosha has become one of the most sought out “jewish artists” in pop culture alongside Matisyahu and Drake. Dillz has penned numerous articles for Billboard about experiences with anti-semitism, addiction and the Holocaust. rhymes in English, Hebrew and Spanish and understands the power of transformation through personal experience. After a trip to Kraków and Warsaw with his mother and great aunt to walk through the concentration camp, Kosha recorded a song about Kraków for his upcoming album “What I do all day and pickle” and filmed this music video.

The talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format, but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Freestyle Rap Saved My Life - Kosha Dillz

Remaining Tour Dates:

Aug 30 – Giants Stadium – Jewish Heritage Night San Francisco, CA
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Sept 14 – Old Dominion University Virginia Beach, VA
Sept 17 – Local Legends Festival Belmar, NJ
Sept 24 – Saint Rocke w/ Mickey Avalon Hermosa Beach CA (very close to LA!!!)
Oct 06 – University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
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Freestyle Rap Saved My Life – Kosha Dillz TEDX TALK

MCMI REPORT: DE LA SOUL – DRAWN featuring Little Dragon


De La Soul - Drawn


De La emailed me this song in advance of their upcoming release. Rather than talk about the song I’ll just let them tell it.

Hey Y’all,

Here’s another new song for you before the album “AND THE ANONYMOUS NOBODY” comes out on August 26th.  It’s called “Drawn” and it features Little Dragon.  Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon describes the song as, “a dreamy journey about not taking anything for granted in life. About love and being lost in something dangerously good.”


De La Soul

One thing I will tell you is that most of the song is a musical intro (a song in itself) from Little Dragon, before the beat finally drops at the 4 minute mark and De la starts rapping. It’s not something that would be traditionally released as a single. When you are 100% independent and in control of your art, you can do that.

To hear more off the album, take a listen and pre-order the album here!

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MCMI Report: DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled dropped his ninth studio album, Major Key, yesterday, along with the single Nas Album Done ft. Nas. We’ve already been hearing “For Free” ft. Drake and “I Got The Keys” with Jay Z. What makes this latest single off the album crazy is that it is simultaneously a single off Khaled’s album and advanced marketing for Nas upcoming album. At first I was like, “Wait, is this the first single from the Nas album?” But no, it’s DJ Khaled’s record, featuring Nas, talking about his album, which is up next. Pretty slick, works for both of them.

DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

It’s a cool record. Nas is dope. I don’t gotta review it, ’cause you can hear the song for yourself, above, and form your own opinion (you will anyway, no matter what I say, right?).  I will say Nas definitely shows us his flow is up to date and he is not coming with an ode to the ’90’s. He also nicely puts some people in their place, referencing all the trends he started that others often imitate.

This basically did the job, because it has me waitin’ for the actual Nas album. Only one question. If Nas’ album done, where is it? Can we get a buzz single at least? Is you finished or is you done? … LOL, I’m just playing. But I’m sayin’!


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DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

MCMI Report: JEAN GRAE – “What You Came For” for MARVEL’s BLACK PANTHER



Everything about this story is awesome! First, Marvel has revived the Black Panther comic, with a storyline called “A Nation Under Our Feet”. They then decide to promote the ‘new‘ comic series with a video series, narrated by the comic’s writer, esteemed author and political journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates (the book is drawn by Brian Stelfreeze. For the first two videos, Marvel enlisted Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Mark the Beast, and Run the Jewels.



Now they have brought in Jean Grae (yes!), who contributes a new song, What You Came For to the third installment. Not only is the Black Panther project incredible, featuring real hip hop in the videos, but we have a new song from Jean (yay!), which you can hear below and purchase on her bandcamp.

When she is not creating music, touring or acting, you can find Jean Grae tweeting her 100,000+ followers on Twitter. Follow her @JeanGreasy.

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MCMI REPORT: Tonedeff’s Long Awaited ‘POLYMER’ Drops Today

Tonedeff's Long Awaited 'POLYMER' Drops Today
“Use Me”, first video off of POLYMER, by Tonedeff.

Tonedeff’s Long Awaited ‘POLYMER’ Drops Today

Part 4 of the Polymer Series released by Tonedeff on QN5 Music, Phantom, dropped today, along with the complete ‘POLYMER‘ album in it’s entirety. ‘POLYMER’ is the best of the prior 3 EPs (Glutton, Demon & Hunter) + all of Phantom which ties it all together.

Sound confusing? According to the man himself, Tonedeff says:

The EPs are their own experiences. Polymer is the culmination, a self-contained unit built on the bones of the EPs. Phantom is the soul of the record.

On top of that, QN5 released the first video off the album Use Me, which is the first Tonedeff video in 13 years, last month. Directed by Norway’s Daniel McStay, Use Me features intricate shadow puppets, a Fincher-esque atmosphere and rope work with a free-fall drop that had to be reset multiple times to get the shot.

There are multiple packages for sale, including enhanced CD’s, Limitted edition Vinyl, coffee table books of album art and other goodies. Need more explanation than that? Read the Full Interview below.

Tonedeff's Long Awaited 'POLYMER' Drops Today

Interviewer: Graeme “GMS” Sibirsky
Subject: Tonedeff

‘POLYMER’ comes out with the last installment of the 4 part series. Explain a little about how that worked, what each part is and how they fit together.
I broke the album into 4 EPs, each with it’s own style and theme, each tied to a different portion of my personality. Glutton was about addiction and excess, Demon was about anxiety and stress, Hunter was about delusion and competitive nature and Phantom is about love, family and self-sabotage. All of them come together to create a complete picture of one person – in this case, myself.

How do the 4 EP’s differ musically?
Musically, each part reaches different areas. A big motivating factor for this album was to show my full range of versatility as a multimedia artist and musician, so it was important to push myself into new terrain, sonically. Glutton was rooted in EDM, Demon was based on trap tempos, Hunter was synth-based boom-bap and Phantom was inspired by shoegaze and dreampop. Hearing it all together paints a solid representation of how all of my tastes combined forged something new through this LP.

You just dropped this new video, Use Me, which has you hanging by ropes like a marionette. That was crazy. How was it filming that?
It was actually pretty painful. It was super low-budget, so we used an extremely unsafe set up, where 4 people were literally pulling manilla ropes by hand to make me hover. We found a spot with an aerialist team in Bushwick that had the know how to make it happen and they were amazing. Still, I had rope rashes for weeks as well as a bruised groin. It hurt like a muffucka, but was worth it.

I have so much more appreciation for that video now! I would have been fine with everything except the rope around the neck. Do you know how much your music would be worth if you had died in an accident? Lol.
Word! Trust me… I was conscious of the risk the whole time. But as they say … feel the fear and do it anyway.