MCMI Report: Chris Gotti Launches “Add Ventures Music”


(New York, NY – April 29, 2015) – Former VP, General Manager of Murder Inc Records, Chris “Gotti” Lorenzo launches his very own digital distribution “Add Ventures Music”. With a proven track record from working with artist such as Ja-RuleAshantiLloyd Polite, while also being a part of countless collaborations with artist such as Jay ZDMXFat JoeBig Pun just to name a few, shows that Chris Gotti has the required experience to take artists to the next level in music.    While the music industry continues to change, Add Ventures Music’s goal will be to educate and empower their artist about the music business while directly placing them in the lime light of digital audio/video music streaming communities.

“It’s been a long time coming and I’m just really excited to start with my new venture in music and show the world what Add Ventures music will be bringing to the table” says an excited Chris Gotti.

The Add Ventures Music platform will also offer services to independent artist globally, sharing the secret on how to not only own and operate their business but monetize it in today’s ever changing music industry. The services will include audio sales through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and music video distribution on streaming outlets such as Vevo, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora just to name a few.


The first major release to come through Add Ventures Music will be the debut EP of recording pop artist Maddi Jane as she has already released her single “Only Gets Better, the first single from her self titled EP “Maddi Jane” being released in July, 2015.

The Add Ventures Music staff will consist of Tina Lorenzo, for C.F.O., Todd Simms for Executive VP, Joe Cap for head of Creative direction, Sonya Jagesar for Brand Strategist and Business Development, Sakara Barnes for Business Development Manager and Brian Robinson for head of Business Affairs.

Twitter: @avmsocial IG: @addventuresmusic

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De La Soul x NAS = God It (FREE DOWNLOAD)

De La Soul x NAS = God It


Oh man this track is siiiiiiiick! … I can’t believe they are giving this away for free. Oh, I see.

“Cause you gone’ get hooked on this verbal dope we cook, thas how it’s gone’ be, baby!”

True. One listen, you will get hooked. The beat, the music and every single verse is instantly addicting. They still “God It“, baby boy!

One of the reasons for De La Soul’s recent mega-success at connecting with fans is the personal approach they took on their recent Kickstarter campaign, which has brought in half a million dollars in support so far. So I’m just going to let them tell it.

What’s up y’all,

While busy at work, we also like to play. This song is not on the new album, but an indication of good music to come.  The song was produce by G_Force and you may recognize our featured guest. Get the song for free here.

We’re still in Atlanta, GA recording and it sounds amazing!  We can’t wait to get this new album to you. There’s only 10 days left to support our Kickstarter campaign so if you haven’t done so, please pre-ordered the album now by clicking the link below. 

Thank you, we love y’all!

We Are De La Soul

De La Soul was my favorite group when they first came out. Other groups fought for my #1 spot over the years, but they became my favorite group a second time 10 years later. Now in 2015, they are my favorite group again. If you haven’t pre-ordered their new album on Kickstarter, what are you waiting for?

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General Steele: Higher Plane (Video + Audio)

General Steele dropped Higher Plane yesterday for 420. The song is off of his new album Space Traveling, out soon on Bucktown USA Entertainment. The subject matter is well, green-oriented shall we say?

“Psychotropic optics got me locked in a Utopia, Copius amounts of Chronic in the Cornucopia”

See what he had said was … he get high, lol. The video is just a teaser. Here is the entire song:

general steele higher plane

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Substantial & The Other Guys: The Past… [EP]

If you haven’t heard the most recent Substantial project The Past … [EP] produced by The Other Guys, it’s really bangin’! I don’t know if you are more into previewing individual tracks, or if you are a ‘youtube’ person, so here’s both.

The Past… is the first of three EPs from Substantial, produced by HiPNOTT Records producer duo and fellow Maryland natives, The Other Guys, which will lead up to his leading up to his fourth full length album, The Past Is Always Present In The Future, dropping fourth quarter 2015. Besides The Other Guys’ production, the EP features Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Substantial’s protegé, See King and cuts from DJ Jav.


You can get The Past… [EP] on the usual iTunes, Spotify, DJBooth, etc. BUT purchase the album on Bandcamp and you get a bonus download of Substantial’s 1999 demo tape entitled Before Sunrise: Pre-Hyde Out Demo ’99!  That’s 5 songs on The Past… + 5 songs on the Pre-Hyde Out Demo, for only $5. You can’t beat that.


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