Hello Neighbors – Catch Lungs ft. eLZhi & Guilty Simpson

Hello Neighbors - Catch Lungs ft. eLZhi & Guilty Simpson

I haven’t heard Catch Lungs before, but having two dope MC’s like eLZhi & Guilty Simpson on your song certainly did the trick. You have my attention. This breakbeat inspired track will make your head nod. eLZhi sets it off riding the beat fluidly with a freestyle flow. Guilty did “body the track” and “get busy”. Catch Lungs, from DENVER, Colorado, has a dope flow on this. His voice and flow are a little reminiscent of The Pharcyde. According to his MySpace page

Catch Lungs rookie debut album entitled “Food for the Famished” dropped in late 2008.

His current album AWAKE IN A DREAM, which this song is off of, can be listened to HERE.

Check the song out and tell us what you think.

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