Skull N Tones x Do You Mind (Jersey Club Remix)

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Skull N Tones x Do You Mind

Skull N Tones is a DJ/production team, art and international dance movement, equally into Hip Hop and the EDM Dance music scene. You may have seen some of their beat videos on youtube, or the official music video for their track New World Order. This unofficial remix, Skull N Tones x Do You Mind, is based on the DJ Khaled song and is made with the Club DJ in mind.

The founders of Skull N Tones collective, Jarret & Bleu, began their career by making instrumentals for underground hip hop acts, such as Brooklyn Academy and Steven King.  Years later, the group transitioned into trap and gritty-style EDM when they partnered with Amsterdam-based clothing company, Nuff Said.  The team performs with masks using their iconic logo.  Their current mission is to create a platform where people can lose their identity and let their souls show by dancing their faces off.

Skull N Tones x Do You Mind

You can check out more of their music, videos and clothing on their website

Skull N Tones x Do You Mind

 Skull N Tones x Do You Mind

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