If you are not mad (as I am) that you were not able to be in Philly to catch The ROOTS PICNIC 2012, maybe you just didn’t know about it. Come on, The ROOTS, De La Soul, Yaslin Bey (formerly Mos Def), the GOD Rakim and more? … Not fair y’all, not cool at all. This should have been held in Ft. Greene Park (Brooklyn), :-D.

I couldn’t believe this only had 17 views when I saw it on OKAYPLAYER. I must be one of the first to see it! Now I can put y’all on. It’s a summary, not the full performances, but it makes you feel good that in 2012 Hip Hop is still alive (it’s ALIVE I say! rrrghh!) Thank you OKAYPLAYER, for such a dope event! Stay blessed! – @GMS_MCMI

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