Kosha Dillz: Moses Wasteland [Official Video]

Here is the first music video off The Jet Lag EP, directed by Robbie Barclay, featuring samples from LA artist Chelsea Wolfe and produced by Nate G. For those of you tired of hearing the same old version of guns, drugs, pimpin’, tough talk, etc, Kosha Dillz brings you his brand of Hip Hop from a young urban Jewish perspective. His new project up on DJ Booth is a lot of indie mixes … 6 songs of bands you might wanna look up after hearing his takes on them.

It brings me back to my hardcore rap days of cursing all the time..it felt good! …

Kosha told us in a recent conversation, but it’s not really that much cursing, actually. Kosha is not a murda-death-kill type of MC. He has a great sense of humor and represents daily life triumphs and struggles that anyone can relate to.


@KoshaDillz | @GMS_MCMI | @MCMIreport


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