[AUDIO] PackFM – “Want What’s Mine” (BTSTU Mix)

PackFM premiered this live at his headlining show at Bowery Poetry Club (nyc) earlier this month. I was supposed to be DJing his set that night, but the equipment wasn’t working so I had to “push play” instead. Soon afterwards we headed to the lab (MCMI Studios) to record the vocals. Pack sent it back to GrandRiggity, who did the final mix. This is a song he was slated to do at the QN5 Megashow, but they had to cut the whole “Future” segment of the Megashow, to perform all the hits songs that are the top fan requests. This is also the first song he has been inspired to record since his last album. This is not a “remix” with Pack rhyming over the beat. It’s the same sample, but completely reworked into a different beat. Crazy how the time signature seems to change mid song. Pack is back! Check it out.

PackFM – “Want What’s Mine (BTSTU Mix)” Prod. by GrandRiggity //


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  1. […] few years since PACKFM has dropped any new music. The last thing I can recall is the single “Want What’s Mine” in 2011 and then the DOMINION meets HYDRA track “TWELVE“, which dropped […]

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