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80 blocks from tiffany's

The Chocolate Boy Wonder and The Diamond Crooks have teamed up and formed “80 Blocks from Tiffany’s” and with a little help from Trackstar The DJ and DJ Mark Divita put together this mixtape to hold us over till the full feature project drops.A mix of classic Pete Rock beats and Camp Lo rhymes with some new “80 Blocks” cuts in-between. Its funny I JUST watched the documentary the group gets there name from. its about NYC street gangs in the late 70’s. if you get a chance check it out for some urban history….but not before you listen to this mixtape!

DOWNLOAD: 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Mixtape




Poison Pen – The Money Shot [interview] P-Dash News ep 82

Poison Pen - The Money Shot

Poison Pen - The Money Shot

Blogs collide! Raheim Drinkwater from our HIP HOP FOR DUMMIES section, interviews Poison Pen from GETTING DRUNK WITH …, with a guest appearance form MCMI’s own PH and Mr. MECCA!

Shouts to Sara Kana, DJ Static, Swave Sevah (HeatRockMonstaz), Breez Evahflowin (Stronghold), Vice Verses (EOW/3KINGS), Jesse James, Immortal Technique, Sil da Shocker, Gillie Da Kid, M.O.P, Henny Black, J. Arch, Mia.

Shouts to Bamm and Kapper.
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Amzilla Poison Pen Breez Evahflowin Mecca Swave Sevah Elete Jess James Dutch Vega Cypher

Fresh Phungus Presents
This is a sick cypher outside of Fat Buddha (the bar/lounge formally known as Forbidden City) in NY, with several GrindTime and URL battlers, EOW faculty, Stronghold alumni. Shout out to FreshPhungusTV. This is goin’ in multiple categories. Let us know who killed it the most! – GMS