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Ness Lee vs Tumi in South Africa! (Battle)

I got to talk to Ness Lee (who for those of you who don’t know is an amazing artist, Producer and Battle MC from Atlanta) fresh off his historic trip to South Africa to battle one of the motherlands most respected Hip Hop artist Tumi.  When asking Ness about the experience he said

“Brah. Shit was a fucking dream come true. People always say they want to go to africa but thats not an easy thing to do. the fact that battle rap took me there made it that much better man”

To say that these two MC’s put on a classic is an understatement. this battle was one of the best i have EVER seen. And the crowd was just as on point being energized, un biased, made noise for great lines… and then shut the fuck up so they could hear the next one. American and Canadian audiences need to step up your spectator game. Just Sayin b.

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Cortez: “Ask For Me” (MCMI WARZONE Battle Bars Remix)

Big Tom (-aka- TomBig7) put beats behind the bars from battles and makes them fit like its a real song. For this one, Cortez: “Ask For Me”, he took the best Cortez lines from MCMI WARZONE: CORTEZ vs AUTOMATIC RAY (from New Years Revolution at Radio Bushwick). He has a whole mixtape of them if you like this one, called “Beats Behind the Battles Mixtape” which you can DOWNLOAD FREE. The chorus he made for this one is hot! Cortez should really do a song with that “Ask for me” hook.

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Okay this is the battle you have all been waiting for! MCMI WARZONE: CORTEZ vs AUTOMATIC RAY at RADIO BUSHWICK, Brooklyn NY, January 11th! To use Automatic Ray’s own words it was “a F—in’ bloodbath!” But who’s blood was spilt? That my friend, is always the question, isn’t it? To find out, watch the video!

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Battle-warzone: pc vs. dallas cash
Who won?

The first battle released from MCMI WARZONE, the premier new battle league! History in the making!! Hosted by MrMecc & Mic Handz, filmed at RADIO BUSHWICK in Brooklyn. Subscribe to the MCMI Channel, to be notified of each new battle as they are released, as well as watch Hip Hop videos, live concerts, interviews and more.


Loaded Lux, Red & Meth

After winning his bout against Calicoe in what is arguably the biggest event of modern day battle rap history,Lux is looking to capitalize of his elevated status in hip hop. He does just that with his first single “Rite” featuring Red Man and Method Man. Shot in Lux’s hometown Harlem NYC. He and the blunt brothers get busy on a track with that era 90′s feel and yet it still holds current, and Red and Meth spit some of the best verses Iv’e heard from them in a loooong time. Be on the lookout for Loaded Lux’s project “You Gon’ Get This Work” dropping soon.

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