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Snoop’s New Tattoo A Tribute To Nate Dogg (R.I.P)

snoop dogg tattoo

Snoop's getting ink'd with new Nate Dogg tattoo

The brotherhood felt by these two legendary artists went beyond the same last name and was more than skin deep. Snoop represented how he felt about the Hip Hop Crooner who recently left us far too early, at the young age of 41, with a new tatt on his left arm, which he tweeted to his followers.

Besides the image of Nate Dogg’s face, Snoop had the words “All Doggs Go To Heaven” inscribed on his left forearm. Artwork done by legendary west coast tattoo artist Mr.Cartoon.

Snoop Dogg new tattooClose up of Snoop Dogg tattoo

Poison Pen – The Money Shot [interview] P-Dash News ep 82

Poison Pen - The Money Shot

Poison Pen - The Money Shot

Blogs collide! Raheim Drinkwater from our HIP HOP FOR DUMMIES section, interviews Poison Pen from GETTING DRUNK WITH …, with a guest appearance form MCMI’s own PH and Mr. MECCA!

Shouts to Sara Kana, DJ Static, Swave Sevah (HeatRockMonstaz), Breez Evahflowin (Stronghold), Vice Verses (EOW/3KINGS), Jesse James, Immortal Technique, Sil da Shocker, Gillie Da Kid, M.O.P, Henny Black, J. Arch, Mia.

Shouts to Bamm and Kapper.
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Amzilla Poison Pen Breez Evahflowin Mecca Swave Sevah Elete Jess James Dutch Vega Cypher

Fresh Phungus Presents
This is a sick cypher outside of Fat Buddha (the bar/lounge formally known as Forbidden City) in NY, with several GrindTime and URL battlers, EOW faculty, Stronghold alumni. Shout out to FreshPhungusTV. This is goin’ in multiple categories. Let us know who killed it the most! – GMS

Getting Drunk With Poison Pen Ep 5 – ft Torae

We shot this one over at Fat Bhudda (Formerly “Forbidden City”) in L.E.S, NY. Thanks to Torae for comin’ through the party and for gettin’s drunk … with Poison Pen!

This episode sees the intoxicated giant reppin’ the hood (NA ROCK) along with fellow Brooklynite (CONEY ISLAND). Pen is heavily lifted (all puns intended, lol), as usual. With Blitzkrieg supplying the drinks. Torae is toasted and now you know what “getting drunk with Poison Pen” is all about. The man drinks. A lot. You go toe to toe with him, you may survive, but you will say some hilarious shit on camera, for all of our amusement. Torae is a good sport. We all had a blast that night.

Shout out to Forbidden City, which closed down for awhile and reopened as the new and improved “FAT BHUDDA”. Same chef, but new menu, a real DJ booth (no more turntables on the bar!) and a nice sound system – the place rocks. Check it out on a Saturday night. Order the duck, the ribs or the honey ginger wings (kitchen open late).