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Cam’ron & A-Trak— Dipsh*ts (video)

Nice to see the entire Dipset back together doing what they do best: Talking that shit while showing that uptown flair only Harlem cats can pull off successfully. Killa, with Juelz on the hook link up with Jim Jones, Freekey Zekey and Dame Dash to film the A-Trak, Oliver and Just Blaze produced “Dipsh*ts” off Cam’ron and A-Trak’s collab EP Federal Reserve.

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Wu-Tang Clan’s Secret Album Unveiled: Once Upon A Time In Marrakech

In March, FORBES broke news that the Wu-Tang Clan was planning to release just one copy of an album recorded in secret over the past six years. So Forbes went to Morocco to get the full story — and came back with a snippet of the mysterious record. I hope I get to hear this album one day….and I hope even more that it lives up to the time and effort put into this grandiose artistic presentation.
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Ness Lee vs Tumi in South Africa! (Battle)

I got to talk to Ness Lee (who for those of you who don’t know is an amazing artist, Producer and Battle MC from Atlanta) fresh off his historic trip to South Africa to battle one of the motherlands most respected Hip Hop artist Tumi.  When asking Ness about the experience he said

“Brah. Shit was a fucking dream come true. People always say they want to go to africa but thats not an easy thing to do. the fact that battle rap took me there made it that much better man”

To say that these two MC’s put on a classic is an understatement. this battle was one of the best i have EVER seen. And the crowd was just as on point being energized, un biased, made noise for great lines… and then shut the fuck up so they could hear the next one. American and Canadian audiences need to step up your spectator game. Just Sayin b.

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Prince Po & Oh No – Smash ft. Pharoahe Monch & O.C. (Video)

When this song first dropped I posted it on the site and thought that possibly they (Prince Po, Pharoahe Monch & O.C.) got together and decided reunite on this track after all rocking at the Masters Of The Underground/Organized Konfusion – Stress:Extinction Agenda 20yr anniversary show we thew at SRB back in January (EPIC EVENT BTW!). Well don’t I feel like an ass. Not only did they ALREADY make this song but they shot the video for it at OUR event! (peep the banner in the back?) There were a TON of hip hop’s elite at the event, see how many you can catch with the camera whizzing by capturing the mood of the song “Smash” off Prince Po & Oh No‘s album “Animal Serum.” now in stores everywhere. lets see I see D-stroy…Doc Ahk… Rockwilder….oh look! there’s me and Jean Grae acting a fool on stage! lmao.BJ

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